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Why Do Guys Like to Finger Girls?

Q. Why do men like to finger women?

A. Briefly, it is a stage of intimacy, and men crave intimacy.

In greater detail, there are a number of reasons why guys like to finger girls.

Most women enjoy it, and men love to give women pleasure. It is a gift that he can give her. He loves being able to see, hear, and feel her pleasure. It gives him a feeling of success as well as closeness, and men crave both feelings of success and feelings of closeness.

It goes beyond the pleasure of giving her pleasure. There is pressure on him as a man to be able to satisfy a woman. It is a part of his manhood.

Male sexuality is visual and tactile. Touching a woman gives him pleasure. Holding, stroking, cuddling are innately pleasurable to a man.

In Desmond Morris's twelve steps of human intimacy, touching below the waist is number eleven, one step short of intercourse. It is part of the natural progression, and so it feels right to do it in its proper place.

Since the last four steps — hand to body, mouth to breast, touching below the waist, and intercourse — tend to flow quickly in sequence, we sometimes classify the first three of them as foreplay, but each step has its own rewards, even if you stop there. 

As foreplay, fingering can lead to intercourse and a release of sexual tension. It can lead by itself to such relief.

According to a Kinsey Institute study, in fact, 45% of participants consider fingering itself to be a form of having sex.

Men crave intimacy, a feeling of closeness to another human being, and physical intimacy is a kind of intimacy approved for a man. He can't have verbal/emotional intimacy. He has been trained all his life to suppress his emotions by people making fun of him when he has shown vulnerability — he hasn't even learned names of many emotions — so his main opportunity to feel close to another human is pursuing the steps of physical intimacy.

I hope this doesn't sound too mystical, but when sex goes well, the two people are taken beyond the giving and taking of two individuals into a state where all is shared. Your pleasure is his pleasure, and his is yours. He is giving you both pleasure.


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